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Jonathan Hill tours HMS Duncan and meets her Welsh crew

HMS Duncan is the newest ship in the fleet having been commissioned in December last year.

She is a billion pounds worth of state of the art naval hardware. Her radar systems are reckoned to be the best in the world nudging ahead of the Americans.

I'm told her cannon could land a shell on a target the size of a pizza box twelve miles away, so watch out if you're the enemy enjoying a deep pan!

It was a fascinating to have a tour of the destroyer and hear about the kind of work she'll be undertaking, from patrolling international waters looking for modern day pirates to protecting the new aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth when she comes into service.

It was also great to meet some of the Welsh crew who were clearly very proud to be serving in their own capital city.

Chief Petty Officer Matthew Fuge and Petty Officer Jamie Phillips joined the Royal Navy together twelve years ago.

They say they're "overwhelmed" to be back in Wales and on the same vessel.

On Sunday the ship will be open to the public, so don't miss this chance to have a look around!

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