New app to help you navigate the Welsh coast

You can navigate the coast with the new app Credit: ITV Wales

It's taken millions of years at the hands of nature to form and it's now attracting millions of people to Wales. The coast is one of the country's greatest assets, and there's now an app to help people enjoy it.

The app really allows you to make the most of the Welsh Coast so it tells you the information of the entire Welsh Coast path and the Welsh beaches. It allows people to go outm enjoy the coast and really be a good tool to track your progress as well walking along the coast.

Hannah Wilcox Brooke, Keep Wales tidy

The Wales Coast app is intended to give those new to walking a chance to prepare for the great outdoors, from the comfort of home. Something those used to a hike, welcome.

I think it's fantastic that people can actually explore the countryside beforethey even leave the home. Decide what plae to come to. It makes their destination decision easier and they know the facilities that are there before they even arrive.

Andrew Morgan, Swansea Ramblers

I think tracking progress is a good idea because particularly people who are new to walking, they can measure performance and see how well they're doing and what progress they're making. if they find places of historical interest on rout it adds the interest.

Richard Beale, Swansea Ramblers

It's all part of a wider plan to make the path's 870 miles of welsh coast more appealing and help the country's economy benefit as much as possible from it.

A view of the Welsh coast path Credit: ITV Wales

It's already brough it tens of millions of pounds in terms of additional visitor spend and it's been hailed all over the world as spomething pretty unique and special. As far as we know it's the only path to span the entire coastline of the country and 870 miles. And what this App will enable you to do as well as make it more attractive and accessible and easy to use it'll also alret you immediately to ammenities and attractions that are within striking distance of your journey along the app.

Manon Antoniazzi, Visit Wales