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Welsh Rugby Union launches schools strategy to boost number of people playing rugby

The Welsh Rugby Union has launched a new strategy in the hope of getting more people involved in the game.

43 schools across Wales will now have full-time rugby officers to encourage pupils.

Mike Griffiths reports.

I've got targets of who's playing in every year all the way from Year Seven up to Sixth Form, how many of these kids are in clubs already, and how many kids playing now are going into clubs.

It's not just getting these kids playing in school but also making the link with the community and pushing them into clubs.

– Llyr Davies, Rugby Officer

The officers will be mentored by coaches for the national side.

Those involved say the early signs are encouraging.

The focus is not just on providing quality rugby provision, but on developing good people.

I think that's a really important thing if we're going to harness and maximise rugby in Wales.

– Josh Lewsey, Head of Rugby, Welsh Rugby Union