Right-to-die campaigner Jean Davies starved herself to death

A grandmother who long campaigned for the right to die chose to starve herself to death because she could not have her life ended legally.

Jean Davies was 86 and had a number of chronic conditions, which she said had made her life intolerable but she was not terminally ill.

Jean's daughter Bronwen, who's a nurse from Cardiff, speaks to Jonathan Hill about her mother's decision.

She was positively pleased to have made a decision and enjoying the fact that she still felt perfectly well during the first week or ten days. The last two weeks of her life, when she decided to stop drinking, were more difficult. She was weaker by that time and she decided she didn't want to any longer make the effort to get out of bed.

Bronwen Davies

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Bronwen Davies says that while she has "an open mind that the law could be changed for the better", she doesn't feel that laws on assisted dying need to be changed.

She had excellent care. She died peacefully in her own home. She was not alone, and that was what she wanted.

Bronwen Davies

Jean Davies died on October 1, five weeks after first embarking on a fast to end her life.

She spoke to the Sunday Times during her fast, describing it as "hell" and "intolerable".

Ms Davies, who said her four children and two grandchildren supported her right to make her own choice on the matter, said no one would choose to die in that way "unless you thought your life was going to be so bad".

She said she had suffered a range of medical conditions including fainting episodes and chronic back pain.