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1st Battalion Welsh Guards help wage war on big game poachers in Kenya

Welsh Guards teach extraction and anti-ambush drills Photo: MOD

1st Battalion Welsh Guards have been training an anti-poaching team in Kenya to help them fight the growing threat posed by big game poachers.

The Guards used their experience of war torn countries and insurgents to pass on operational techniques.

The work includes teaching the team anti-ambush drills and map reading skills, which they will use to prevent poachers tracking and killing the animals.

The team consists of just 32 men Credit: MOD

The poachers come at night and are after the rhino trophies. Some are ex anti-poachers which is a real problem for us because they know our methods and where we are.

We face big challenges, are poorly equipped and it’s a big area - 60,000 acres and that’s covered by my team of just 32 guys

– Big John, Leader of the Kenyan anti-poaching team

The anti-poaching team will work a 11 – 13 hr shift through the night.

A shift involves working in observation posts, patrolling areas where they know the poachers are operating and actively taking on the poachers.

A single rhino horn can earn poachers $40,000.

The Welsh Guards say the poachers also track elephants, and are wiping out stocks and herds of animals on a large scale.

The poachers are often well-trained, with high-tech equipment including thermal imagery and the ability to see well at night.