RSPCA warns abandoned pets are being 'dumped like rubbish'

The RSPCA says it's dealt with 2,427 reports of abandoned animals from 1 January to 30 September in Wales this year.

During these callouts, 615 animals ended up being removed by the charity.

Megan Boot reports.

The RSPCA has listed some of the "most unusual" cases of animals being abandoned in the past year.

  • In January four degus were found dumped in a layby in Cardiff by a member of the public.

  • In March two rabbits and a guinea pig were found in cardboard boxes in the car park of a community centre in Blackwood.

  • Also in March, 14 geckos were found dumped among communal bins in Penarth.

  • In June a seriously injured Patterdale terrier type dog was found dumped in woodland in Cyfarthfa Park. He was unconscious and had been wrapped in a tea towel.

  • In August three quails were found dumped in a brown box in a Porth alley.

  • In the same month, three male and two female kittens were found dumped in a suitcase in Grangetown, Cardiff. One kitten had been stuck in the zipper of the suitcase.

Five kittens were found in a suitcase in Grangetown in August

The charity says it is expecting around 140,000 calls in November and December alone, with around 50,000 animals needing help between now and Christmas.