Wales' oldest Poppy Appeal collector turns 100

Credit: ITV News

Wales' oldest Poppy Appeal collector is celebrating his 100th birthday - as this year's centenary appeal gets underway.

Richard Carter, from Anglesey, was born in 1914 - the year World War One started.

He was just four years old when that war ended, but says he still remembers his older brother's homecoming with the 1918 armistice.

I can remember it to this day - I was four years old. He'd been to Gallipoli - that's where he fought.

Richard Carter

Richard himself fought in World War Two as an anti-aircraft gunner with the Royal Artillery.

They said in the first war - "This is the war to end all wars". But it never did.

Richard Carter

He told ITV News he continues to collect for the Poppy Appeal because "it's a thread that runs throughout everyone's life - more so these past few years."

Richard also joked he is "fed up with cake at the moment" after a run of birthday celebrations to mark his milestone.