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Set Fire to the Stars: Dylan Thomas biopic gets gala screening in Swansea

A special red-carpet gala was held in Swansea last night for the Welsh premiere of the new Dylan Thomas film.

The movie - starring Elijah Wood and Welsh actor Celyn Jones explores the poet's time in New York and his tumultuous relationship with his agent John Brinnin.

The film, which was shot in Swansea and the surrounding area, is set in America in the early 50s, as we follow Dylan Thomas through one eventful week in his life.

Actor Celyn Jones plays Thomas, and also co-wrote the script.

It can stand on its own two feet - a film that is made with a lot of passion, al ot of creativity and that is funny and sad and moving and poignant and made in Swansea!

– Celyn Jones

The film doesn't pretend to be an exhaustive account of Thomas' life.

The focus - the relationship between the poet and the American writer John Malcolm Brinnin - played by Elijah Wood.

The film premiered in Edinburgh earlier this year, with the Swansea showing intended as a celebration for the crew and everybody involved with the project.

When the guys first rang me and they said they were going to make a film about Dylan Thomas in Swansea, I thought by God I was born to design this, having been brought up in Swansea and knowing everywhere that Dylan Thomas went!

And then they drop the bomb that it was all going to be set in New York!

But Swansea lends itself... it's got some great architecture, so it was a real joy to do.

– Edward Thomas, Production Designer

The film will be shown at selected cinemas across the country from the end of the week.

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