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Catch up: Wales this Week, Age Old Problems

Missed 'Wales This Week, Age Old Problems'? You can now catch up below

For the past year the Older people's Commissioner for Wales, Sarah Rochira has taken to the road to visit over 100 homes across the country as a part of her review into the wellbeing of older people in care.

The review is the first of its kind, involving home visits, over 2,000 questionnaires and evidence taken from 98 organisations across Wales.

Wales This Week followed the Commissioner as she undertook her review, which found huge variations to the quality of life of older people across the country.

We have such significant variations across Wales from some truly outstandingly good homes to individuals with a quality of life that shouldn’t be acceptable

– Sarah Rochira, Older People's Commissioner for Wales

Wales This Week speaks to those at the heart of the care sector in Wales, including those who have felt let down by the standard of care which is offered by homes in their area.

If you have a question about elderly care in Wales, you can join in the debate at 12.45 on Tuesday the 11th November, when the commissioner will be hosting a live Facebook chat via the Wales this Week Facebook page.

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