Is your dog microchipped? Welsh charity warns of a rise in reported dog thefts

A Welsh dogs charity says it's seen a rise in the number of animals reported stolen over the last two years.

From next year, all dogs in Wales will have to have a microchip.

Watch the report from Mike Griffiths below

Catherine Allen couldn't imagine a life without dogs.

She and her partner breed sheepdogs at their smallholding near Cardiff.

But they've been the victim of a thief, who stole three puppies from their home while they slept.

The mother of the stolen puppies

Whoever took the puppies left the black and white ones alone.

Catherine is still coming to terms with what happened.

Jayne Hayes also knows what it's like to lose a dog

When hers vanished, she wanted to do something about it, and founded a charity to reunite missing dogs with their owners.

Jayne got her dog back, and has spent more than a decade helping other people do the same.

Microchipping will become compulsory for all dogs in Wales from next March - a year ahead of England.

Scanning for a dog's microchip

The Welsh Government says it'll deter thefts, as well as making owners more accountable for their pets.

Catherine and her partner haven't got theirs back, but it hasn't put them off continuing to raise dogs.