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Cardiff City supporters write open letter to Vincent Tan calling for return to blue

Cardiff City Supporters' Trust have written an open letter to club owner Vincent Tan urging him to bring back the traditional blue home kit.

The letter warns the businessman of unrest and divisions within the fanbase following the controversial rebrand of the club.

Vincent Tan at the Cardiff City Stadium Credit: David Davies/PA Archive

Read the full text of the letter below:

Dear Mr Tan,

We are writing to you to once again raise issues of concern to fans of Cardiff City Football Club.

First of all, we would stress that supporters recognise and are grateful for the considerable investment you have made in our football club.

However, ever since the decision was taken more than two-and-a-half years ago to rebrand our club, it has created division within the fan base with many supporters feeling that the changes completely ignored the club’s long history and traditions.

To repair bridges we believe that there must be a return to playing in blue at home for the next season, along with a return to the traditional club badge that was removed at the rebranding.

All the main Cardiff City supporter groups will show the strength of feeling on these issues by joining together on Saturday, January 31st, 2015, to march to the stadium to deliver a letter to the club requesting a change back to Cardiff City’s traditional blue home kit with Bluebird badge for the 2015-16 season.

The request is supported by all major fan groups including The Cardiff City Supporters’ Trust, The Cardiff City Supporters Club, Cardiff City Forum, Cardiff City Online, Bluebirds Unite and even Bluebirds Down Under.

Committed fans, who have in many cases followed the club for decades, feel disenfranchised and have told us that they are considering not renewing their season tickets at the end of the season – unless there is a return to blue. We dearly hope that such a boycott can be avoided.

We believe that unless changes are made the division between the fans and our club will only grow. Your executives in Cardiff will confirm that the stadium is overwhelmingly blue at every home match. The fans of Cardiff City have given their verdict.

It is wrong of you to say as you recently did in an interview with Sky Sports that, “At the time everyone agreed.” There was no consultation with fans. The change of colour was presented to us as a fait accompli. Earlier this year you said you would consider reversing the rebrand. It now seems that despite the supporters continuing discontent with the changes, you have now shut down any suggestion of dialogue or compromise with the fans.

– Tim Hartley, Cardiff City Supporters' Trust
Cardiff City fans protesting about the rebrand last December Credit: Adam Davy/PA Archive

As you may be aware the main political parties in the UK are looking at ensuring there is greater supporter involvement in clubs and will be including proposals for legislation in their manifestos for the 2015 UK General Election.

The Trust believes that the club has the opportunity to lead the way and we urge you to consider appointing an elected supporter director to the board as a priority.

We are also concerned that the pledges made by yourself to convert the debt owed by the club to you into equity have yet to be realised. We would be grateful if you could make a firm commitment on the conversion of the debt.

As you will be aware, a key to the success of any business is the loyalty of its customers, in this case the fans. It is vital that everyone at Cardiff City, fans, players, the manager and yourself, is pulling in the same direction as the club strives to return to the Premier League.

We hope you will respond positively to our letter with a view to taking everyone who believes in Cardiff City F.C. forward together.

– Tim Hartley, Cardiff City Supporters' Trust