Economy, not devolution, will decide how Wales votes says Welsh Secretary

Both Carwyn Jones and Stephen Crabb will give their different takes on Welsh economic performance Credit: PA

Welsh Secretary Stephen Crabb is expected to use a speech later this morning to remind decision makers that most people in Wales won't be thinking about constitutional issues when they cast their votes on election day.

Mr Crabb will claim that Welsh voters will give credit to the Westminster Government and predict that 2015 "will be the year that Wales lets go of Labour".

First Minister Carwyn Jones will also be highlighting the economy today, with a vist to accountants Deloitte, who are creating 700 new jobs in Cardiff, with £3.5 million of Welsh government support.

There's little doubt that the economy will continue to be the issue on which elections are decided. Though the last Labour Welsh Secretary, Peter Hain, has been warning his party not to be trapped by the Conservatives' economic arguments.