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How to make sure your children are safe online

Children at St Julian's Primary School in Newport know how to surf the web safely Photo: ITV Wales

Now do you consider yourself tech savvy or do you not have a clue? The chances are - even if they're very young - your children or grandchildren will be more clued up than you - and being aware of exactly what they can access online, is the subject of a new campaign launched today by NSPCC Cymru.

Watch the report by Sarah Powell:

In a digital world, its easy for children to access websites they shouldn't. And parents are struggling to keep up....

Now Children's Charity the NSPCC have launched a website where parents can check whether apps and sites are suitable.

It gives safety credentials of apps and websites, so parents can monitor whether their children are looking at appropriate content online.

Sarah Powell and Michelle Davies check the new NSPCC website which shows safety credentials of apps and sites Credit: ITV Wales

Michelle Davies is a mother of three from Cardiff. She has her own blog, and thinks she's up-to-date with the latest technology, but even she has her concerns about the things her children might be clicking on.

There's an expectation that children are always going to be able to get onto the internet... and as they get older I'm going to be less able to manage that, so I do worry.

– Michelle Davies

Have a look at some of the following websites for more advice on keeping your children safe when surfing the web: