Hear a Welsh teenager's story of how her foster family transformed her life

More foster families are needed to meet the growing number of children going into care.

That's the call from fostering agencies in Wales who say there's a shortfall of nearly 600 new foster parents.

The Fostering Co-Operative say people are being put off because they aren't sure whether they will meet the requirements.

Watch the report from Mike Griffiths below:

Rachel's like many other sixteen-year-olds.

She's in college and has a part-time job. But she's also fostered - living with Gilly Davies and her husband in Merthyr.

Gilly has two-grown up children of her own... but says those she fosters are very much part of the family.

But one charity says there aren't enough carers like her, warning more than 500 are needed across Wales.

Rachel's now looking ahead to university, and wants people to see how a stable foster home has changed her life for the better.