Lucky lorry driver lands Euromillions lottery win

Credit: Wales News Service

A hard-working lorry driver became a millionaire today after picking lottery numbers off the registration plates of cars he was driving behind.

HGV driver Stephen Chick, 58, picked the numbers for his Euromillions lottery ticket as he drove up and down the country's motorways - and his £1m prize fell off the back of lorry when his numbers came up with the jackpot.

Stephen, from Pontypool in south Wales, bought his ticket in Reading after motoring up the M4. As part of the prize, Stephen and his wife Keri, an administrator in the NHS, have won a first class trip around the world.

The pair, who have been married for 36 years, are both keen rugby fans - and celebrated by buying a pair of Wales rugby tops and watched their team play England with friends at their local pub.

They were "gutted" to see Wales lose 16 - 21 but Stephen said he wouldn't exchange the money for five extra points for his team.

Neither of the pair are planning to leave work, but they hope that they will be allowed time off so that they can take their trip as soon as possible. The couple will be taking Keri’s dad, Dennis, 81, on their five-star holiday wherever they decide to go.

The couple have three grown-up sons and ten grandchildren and are planning to give each of their children a lump sum to help them get on the property ladder.