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Figures reveal huge rise in solar parks in Wales

Exclusive figures from 20 out of the 22 local authorities in Wales shows the number of solar parks has increased hugely in the last five years.

Powys has the most solar parks at 42 and the county of Pembrokeshire has 13. And, the numbers look set to rise with 55 solar parks currently in the planning process.

The Rhosygilwen estate in Pembrokeshire is home to one of the first solar parks to be built in Wales. It has 10,000 panels which provides enough electricity to power the whole estate and sell back to the national grid.

"The whole estate during daylight hours is run from electricity here and there's still enough left over to sell back. It cost an awful lot of money in the initial outlay but the benefits are tremendous and it saves on the running costs of the estate"

– Gabby Oxborrow, Manager, Rhosygilwen

Despite this, solar parks aren't popular with everyone. On the border between Cardiff and Newport in Michaelston-Y-Fedw, there are plans to built a 110 acre solar park but residents want it kept for agricultural purposes.

There are plans to build a 110 acre solar park on the outskirts of Cardiff

"There's a number of concerns about building a solar park - the impact on the local community, the impact it will have on the architecture of the landscape but more importantly, this is prime agricultural land - why would you want to industrialise something like this?"

– Gordon Hesp, Keep Us Rural

In Wales, 62% of renewable generation stems from sources such as wind and solar with a further 25% coming from thermal renewable generation and 13% from hydro generation.