Football fans back safe standing areas say Welsh Conservatives

The report was launched at Swansea City’s Liberty Stadium Credit: PA

A report published by the Welsh Conservatives shows football fans overwhelmingly back the introduction of designated standing areas at football grounds.

The report was launched at Swansea City's Liberty Stadium by the Leader of the Welsh Conservatives, Andrew RT Davies, who is calling on the UK government to legislate for a Welsh pilot.

All-seater stadiums were introduced in the Premier League and Championship following the Taylor report into the Hillsborough disaster 20 years ago.

A survey of 2,364 fans found that:

  • 96% back a safe standing pilot to trial modern stadium technology

  • 84% believe that safe standing areas would decrease the likelihood of conflict between stewards and fans.

  • 97% feel that modern stadium technology can make standing areas at football grounds safe.

Safe standing areas have been introduced at several European stadiums, with the Football Supporters Federation calling for them to be introduced here as well.

It says modern stadiums are much safer, and that terraces provide a better atmosphere and cheaper tickets for those who couldn't normally afford them.