These families are being paid £4,000 for saving energy. Here's how they did it...

Families on a Cardiff housing estate have been handed £4,000 for saving energy in their homes.

The money - from a pioneering project - will support their local community centre.

The families themselves gain from a cut in their bills.

Watch Richard Morgan's report below:

Pensioner Doug Stowell is one of 300 residents from the Ely suburb of the city who've spent a year trying new ways of cutting costs by cutting down on their power use.

Techniques like putting foil behind the radiator to prevent heat loss, have saved Doug an estimated 140 pounds on his annual energy spend.

It's been a eureka moment for the neighbourhood, one of 10 UK communities to trial the scheme.

As a reward for their successful saving, they've been given a cheque for nearly £4000 by Western Power Distribution, which they've chosen to spend on more energy efficient devices for local people.