Toddler with brain tumour given second chance thanks to children's cancer charity

Freya has been diagnosed with a rare brain tumour. Credit: ITV News Cymru Wales

A two-year-old girl diagnosed with a rare brain tumour has been given a second chance - thanks to help from a children's cancer charity and donations.

The parents of Freya Bevan from Neath thought hope for their little girl was running out after they were denied funding for specialist treatment by the NHS.

Katherine and John Paul Bevan were left trying to find £170,000 for Freya's treatment - when the charity Kids N Cancer got in touch.

Now Freya will be able have the Proton Beam Therapy, which is only available in America.

Proton beam therapy is the same treatment given to Ashya King, the five-year-old who made headlines last year.

His family took him from his hospital in Southampton to Europe to have the pioneering treatment, which was later paid for by the NHS.

The Welsh Health Specialised Services Committee, which select patients for the treatment, says the therapy for Welsh residents is currently commissioned on a very limited basis and they can't comment on individual cases.

Katherine announced that Freya will be flown to Oklahoma as soon as possible for the therapy.