Assembly to vote on violence against women, domestic abuse and sexual violence bill

The aim of the bill is to end all forms of domestic abuse and sexual violence Credit: PA

Welsh Assembly Members will vote today on proposed amendments to the violence against women, domestic abuse and sexual violence bill.

The landmark piece of legislation introduced last summer, aims to reduce the levels of violence against women and help to prevent forced marriages.

However opposition parties and campaigners say it will fail to do so, after plans to teach pupils about healthy relationships and to have a specially trained teacher in every school were dropped.

Campaigners say these aspects are essential, as prevention and reduction begins with young people in school.

AMs will therefore decided today whether these elements should be re-introduced, before it progresses to stage four, where the final text will be voted upon.

This is an opportunity that cannot be missed. The Bill in front of the Assembly today can help prevent Violence against Women, Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence and protect and support its victims. It will undoubtedly make a very real difference to vulnerable people in Wales.

Leighton Andrews, Public Services Minister

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