Welsh education: Making the grade? Going it alone

Young entrepreneurs Rachael Flanagan and Alex Mills decided to go it alone Credit: ITV News

For many young people in Wales the next natural step after leaving school or college is to head off to university.

But the idea of another three years of studying isn't for everyone.

We've been to meet two young Welsh entrepreneurs - Rachael Flanagan and Alex Mills. Both chose to leave education, and have had real success.

Alex Mills is 24 years old and is the director of insurance company Dynamo Cover Ltd.

After leaving college, Alex decided not to go to university - instead choosing to get a job at a graphic design company in Cardiff.

But after a series of jobs that folded because of the recession, Alex and his friend decided to go it alone, setting up their own slate company.

From there his passion for business grew and a few years later Alex had combined his hobby of cycling with a new venture - insurance, something which he continues to do today.

We went to meet him and asked what advice he had for young people who were looking to start a business venture.

We also went to meet Rachael Flanagan, the Director of Mrs Bucket cleaning services in Pontarddulais.

Rachael Flanagan set up her company Mrs Bucket in 2005 Credit: ITV News

Rachael Flanagan set up her company Mrs Bucket cleaning services when she was just 18.

Having previously failed her business A-levels, and unable to go to university, Rachael was looking for inspiration on what to do next.

She saw a gap in the market for a good cleaning business and went about setting up her company, which now has more than 200 members of staff.

Despite her obvious success, Rachael says starting up a business was hard work.