Remember the Caerphilly Carrefour? This was the reaction to the first 'hypermarket' in 1972

We've looked back into the ITV Wales archive to the opening of Wales' first 'hypermarket' - the Carrefour in Caerphilly in 1972.

The store promised more than 200 new jobs for the town.

The hypermarket boasted hardware, clothes and furniture alongside food and drink.

The store sold a large range of clothing alongside food

An HTV reporter asked people in Caerphilly what they made of the new store.

The response? Most were happy, if a little confused...

TVs and the test card

Speaking to HTV in 2002, one shopkeeper reflected on the impact the hypermarket had on small businesses.

In this film from the HTV archive, reporter Gaynor Thomas took a tour of the "aircraft hanger" store and met concerned high street traders

The footage has been uploaded by archivists at the National Library of Wales, who are looking after more than 250,000 items in the ITV Wales collection.