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Plaid Cymru's spoof 'coming out' causes offence

"Other parties just don't turn me on" the man tells his parents. Photo:

A new party political broadcast featuring a man “coming out” to his parents as a Plaid Cymru voter has not gone down well with everyone - some in the gay community have taken offence.

The new clip from the Welsh nationalist party mimics a gay person coming out and was released on Thursday on the eve of the party's political conference at Caernarfon.

In the film the man tells his parents: “Mum, dad, there’s something I need to tell you. I’m voting Plaid. I’ve known for years that other parties don’t turn me on. I’ve pretended to be Labour to try and fit in, but this time I’ve got to be honest and vote for the candidate that will stand up for me.”

He adds that he is “happy” and “proud” to be backing the party.

The spoof 'coming out' video by Plaid Cymru is positive says the party. Credit:

Plaid Cymru told the Pink Paper, “Many people the length and breadth of Wales will be voting Plaid for the first time in May’s election.

“This is how a talented team of creative people envisaged what it’s like to tell friends, family and colleagues that you’re ready to take the positive step of voting for a progressive party that always puts the interests of Welsh people first.”

There was mixed reaction on social media with some complaining the ad was mocking in its tone.

But Roger Williams, who claimed to have made the party political broadcast said it wasn't meant to offend. Speaking on Twitter he said,"I'm sorry you feel the ad was offensive. It obviously isn't meant to be. I feel confident most LGBT people film would have appreciated we were turning a cliche on its head."

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