Welsh professor leads project aimed at tackling concussion

The project is using MRI scanners to study the impact of concussion Credit: ITV News Cymru Wales

A professor from north Wales is leading a project looking into the impact of concussion.

It's being conducted alongside Exeter University and the Exeter Chiefs rugby team who are monitoring head injuries sustained by their players.

The group has been analysing the brain of any players who suffer a concussion during the season using video footage and MRI scanning.

It's hoped the results will help with prevention and management of the injury across many fields.

Traumatic Brain Injury is currently the biggest cause of death and disability in young children and working age adults worldwide.

The WRU was recently criticised for allowing George North to continue playing in the game against England despite him having two suspected concussions.

World Rugby guidelines state that a player should be taken off the field and stay off if they show symptoms of concussion.

World Rugby told ITV Cymru Wales that George North shouldn’t have continued playing after his second injury.

But they accept the WRU’s explanation that the medical team would have acted differently had they seen the footage seen by those watching on television.