The groups who inspired hit film Pride reunite 30 years on

A group of supporters for Welsh miners and gay rights campaigners have reunited 30 years after they forged an alliance during the 1984-85 Miners' Strike.

Their campaign inspired last year's Bafta award winning film, Pride.

Now, they're hoping to inspire and rekindle grassroots activism...

Watch the report from Mike Griffiths below:

The film told the true story of how gay and lesbian activists decided to raise money and lend their support to strikers in a south Wales mining community in 1984.

The film starred Paddy Considine, Imelda Staunton and Bill Nighy Credit: PA

Members of the group returned to that village - Onllwyn in the Dulais Valley -for a reunion this weekend.

For Gethin Roberts - played in the film by Andrew Scott - the event will be bittersweet.

I'm really really looking forward to tonight, it's going to be really emotional."

Gethin Roberts, Lesbians and Gays Support the Miners
Dai Donovan catches up with a member of LGSM

The event - organised by those who led the community during the strike - is a sell-out.

I didn't think in a million years it was going to get as [big] as it has turned out. They say it's easier to get tickets for the international in Cardiff today than get tickets to come here this evening!

Chris Powell, Neath & District Miners Support Group

They hope the revived support group will to inspire a new generation of campaigners.

I think that Pride has opened the significance of this story for the young generation in Wales and further afield - many of whom wouldn't remember the strike but would now be thinking: "Well my grandfather used to work in the collieries... and what was that all about?"

The reunion event has sold out

I've done a lot of public speaking around the film, obviously because there's a great interest in it, and young people in particular tell me about how it inspires them to get involved, and I think that's wonderful.

Sian James MP

Pit closures throughout the 80s and 90s have seen Wales' mining industry significantly reduced in size.

The former Cefn Coed/Blaenant Colliery in nearby Crynant

Thirty years on from the end of the strike, the activists and miners' welfare organisation continue to celebrate the friendships made during the campaign.