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Expert warns: 'Legal highs' are more dangerous than illegal drugs

60 deaths in 2013 in England and Wales were linked to 'legal highs' Photo: ITV Wales

So called 'legal highs' are more dangerous than illegal drugs - that's the warning from one of Wales' leading drug experts.

Yaina Samuels, from the social enterprise Nu Hi Training who educate people about substance misuse, told ITV News that it is a huge problem in Wales, that is set to get worse.

Yaina Samuels, Director of Nu Hi Training Credit: ITV Wales

"I would say in my personal opinion yes they are as much of a concern and in fact we need to be even more worried because we don't know what's in the drugs, we don't know what's in each packet that comes along, we don't know the strength of it, we don't know the chemicals in there and we don't know the lasting effects and the danger that's being done."

– Yaina Samuels, Director of Nu Hi Training

ITV News tried to contact several stockists of these so-called 'legal highs' but none were available for comment.

Today, the Welsh Assembly Health and Social Care Committee have called for the supply of the drugs to be banned. The UK Government have told ITV News that they support the ban, and are developing proposals:

"We created the Forensic Early Warning System to identify substances previously unseen in the UK and we have banned more than 500 new drugs. We are also developing proposals for a general ban on the supply of ‘legal highs' across the UK... I will be working right up until the dissolution of Parliament to ensure we have done as much as we possibly can to pave the way for a general ban. This will mean the next government can act quickly to clamp down on this reckless trade.”

– Lynne Featherstone MP, Crime Prevention Minister

Watch Megan Boot's report on the issue:

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