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Gallery: The Northern Lights over Wales

A severe solar storm is hitting Earth with a large geomagnetic jolt, potentially affecting power grids and GPS tracking while pushing the colourful northern lights further south.

Last night the aurora could be seen across Wales, as charged particles collided in the Earth's atmosphere, resulting in the purple and green lights.

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Maen Llia standing stone, near Ystradfellte Credit: Lesley Newcombe

This storm ranks 4 on the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's 1-to-5 scale for geomagnetic effects.

Penmon, Anglesey Credit: Dylan Arnold

Autumn and Spring are the best times of year to see the Northern Lights, particularly around the equinox which is this Friday.

This is when the sun is directly over the equator and the lights are likely to appear the strongest.

Talybont Resevoir Credit: Gareth Wilcox
Misty Penmon Aurora Credit: Jonny Williams
St Brides Bay, Pembrokeshire Credit: Paul

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