Remember Pwlldu? The lost village of the Valleys

The pub at Pwlldu served local beer to local people and still stands. Credit: ITV Wales News

In 1963 the small hamlet of Pwlldu, near Blaenavon, was demolished.

Originally a mining community, the mines had long since closed, and houses had fallen into a dilapidated state of repair, with no access to either running water or a sewerage system.

The council took the decision to move residents down the valley to another village. Interviews with residents, one who had lived in the hamlet for over 70 years, show that even though conditions were harsh, not all wanted to leave. The foundations of the houses can still be seen, and The Lamb Inn seen in the film is still open today.

An interesting feature of Pwlldu is the 'Pwlldu Tunnel' which runs from Pwlldu to Blaenavon through the hillside.

The tunnel was originally created in the late 18th Century and was one of a number of mines supplying iron and coal to Blaenavon Ironworks. In later years it was used as a tramroad tunnel.

Story has it that the ladies of Pwlldu used to walk through the tunnel to do their shopping in Blaenavon!

Credit: ITV Wales News