Ancient gold artefacts uncovered in north Wales

lock-rings have been discovered before in other parts of Wales. Credit: Amgueddfa Cymru

Two gold artefacts thought to be around 3,000 years old have been found near Wrexham.

The Late Bronze Age hoard of two 'lock' gold rings were discovered in the Community of Rosset. The wearer would've been a person of wealth and status within Late Bronze Age Society, between 10000 and 800BC.

In terms of their use, archaeologists aren't certain whether they were used as ear-rings or worn to gather locks of hair, as the name suggests.

In Wales, lock-rings have previously been found at Gaerwen, Anglesey, the Great Orme, Conwy and Newport, Pembrokeshire.

This largely coastal pattern hints at possible trading and communication links between Late Bronze Age communities living in Wales and Ireland.

It's unclear whether the lock-rings were worn as ear-rings or to gather hair. Credit: Amgueddfa Cymru

The lock-ring pair will be acquired by Wrexham County Borough Museum and Archives following their independent valuation.