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Woman's life made 'hell' after being left waiting for gallstone operation

Susan says the situation has made her life 'hell'. Photo: ITV Wales

Susan Wellings suffers from severe pain caused by gallstones. She was told that an operation would solve the problem but has been left waiting for the procedure after doctors would not allow her to have the surgery.

She says that the pain she experiences from the gallstones is making her life 'hell'.

My life is such hell at the moment, I can't go on like this. My life just seems to have been put on hold and it's one problem after another. I just can't go on, I really can't.

– Susan Wellings

Doctors initially told Susan that she could not have the operation because she was overweight.

She joined a gym to help her lose weight but was then diagnosed sleep apnea - a disorder than affects a person's breathing whilst they are asleep.

Susan was given a special machine to use after being diagnosed with sleep apnea. Credit: ITV Wales

Susan has since been given a sleep apnea machine to help her with the condition and is coping with it well.

Doctors in the Abertawe Bro Morgannwg University Health Board then told Susan that her issues would give her a 50/50 chance of surviving the operation, if they were to go ahead with it.

However, she has been unhappy with the way her case has been handled by her local health board.

Susan is hoping to have the gallstone operation in Morriston Hospital. Credit: ITV Wales

Unfortunately, due to a number of medical conditions Mrs Wellings was considered to be at an extremely high risk of heart and possibly lung complications whilst under general anaesthetic.

For the past few months, a team of doctors and consultants have been encouraging and working with Mrs Wellings to improve her health and greatly reduce this risk.

Whilst we fully understand and appreciate gallstones cause pain and discomfort, we cannot ignore the extreme risk to Mrs Wellings' safety during such an operation.

– Abertawe Bro Morgannwg University Health Board spokesperson