Is Westminster out of touch with Welsh workforce?

Chancellor George Osborne visits engineering site, Harris Pye. Credit: Alexandra Lodge, ITV News

More jobs, less unemployment and a reduced deficit.

It's the message the Conservatives have been drumming into voters since day one of this election campaign.

But is the rosy picture the chancellor is painting really being felt here in Wales?

Or are politicians in Westminster simply out of touch with the work force?

Alexandra Lodge followed George Osborne on his visit to the Vale of Glamorgan.

On a visit to Harris Pye, an engineering site in the Vale of Glamorgan, George Osborne said the Conservatives have delivered for Wales.

Down the road in Barry and people feel the economic boost isn't really being felt in Wales.

Cafe Owner, Lee Bennett says "everybody in the town centre says the same thing. We're all wondering how we're going to survive from one month to the next"

Lee and his wife, Alison, have run their own business for seven years together.

They're hard working but they still struggle to spend time with their family and monthly bills are also a strain on their finances.

Alison says politicians are out of touch with hardworking people in Wales.