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Green Party says end 'unacceptable levels of inequality' in Wales

Welsh Green Party has launched its manifesto for the General Election. Photo: PA

The Wales Green Party has launched its 2015 General Election manifesto with a rejection of other parties growth objective and a commitment to what it calls a 'One Planet Economy'.

The Greens' priority they say would be to address the challenge of climate change and unacceptable growing levels of inequality.

Welsh Green Party leader Pippa Bartolotti.

With the £717bn of new income from tax avoidance, a Robin Hood Tax and aviation fuel duty we can start to put right the damage the coalition has imposed on our schools, our homes and our NHS.

The economy can and should support the needs of everyone, whilst at the same time helping us to get much closer to living a one planet life. Only Greens have the iron will to see this through

– Pippa Brtolotti, Leader Welsh Green Party

Key policies announced at the launch were:

  • to increase investment in renewable energy and energy efficiency creating thousands of clean, green jobs.
  • to make the minimum wage a living wage.
  • to change taxation by instigating a Robin Hood tax on financial transactions.
  • to split investment (casino) banking from high street banking.
  • to work towards introducing a Citizens Income for all, to reward work rather than wealth.

Wales Green Party candidates are standing in 35 out of 40 constituencies in Wales.

Watch the report from Mike Griffiths below: