Watch the ITV Wales Election Debate online

The Wales Election Debate is running between 8pm and 10pm, live from the Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama in Cardiff.

The debate has now ended.

You can watch it on the ITV Wales Programmes site

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The six speakers are:

  • Wales Green Party Leader Pippa Bartolotti

  • Conservative Welsh Secretary Stephen Crabb

  • UKIP Wales Leader Nathan Gill

  • Labour Shadow Welsh Secretary Owen Smith

  • Welsh Liberal Democrat Leader Kirsty Williams

  • Plaid Cymru Leader Leanne Wood

The leaders will make short opening statements at the beginning of the programme and closing statements at the conclusion of the debate.

During the two-hour live debate, leaders will address questions posed by the studio audience.

The format will allow each leader to give an uninterrupted one-minute answer to each question, before the debate is opened to moderated discussion between the leaders, for about 15 minutes on each question.

The debate will address four substantial election questions with enough time allocated for a proper free flowing debate between the leaders.