Poltergeist forces family to flee haunted home - "It couldn't be human" says mum

Marcia Howells breaks down in tears as she recalls the ghostly goings on. Credit: ITV Wales News

It's 1965 and on Rhondda Street in Swansea one family has been forced to flee their home in terror as a poltergeist has been throwing the furniture around.

This is not a plot from a horror film - it's a HTV Wales News report.

Mum Marcia Howells tells reporter John Doyle about the ghostly activity:

Mrs Howells says bottles flew threw the air along with furniture and the baby's cot was turned upside down

Eventually the police were called and had to breakdown a bedroom door that was locked from the inside, "It couldn't be anything human" says Mrs Howells.

Even the kitchen cooker was apparently pulled out and overturned. Credit: ITV Wales News