Paul Pugh survived a brutal attack. Now he's warning about the consequences of drunken violence

Youngsters across mid and West Wales are being invited to view a documentary film aimed at tackling alcohol-related violence.

It features the story of Paul Pugh, who was left in a coma for two months after an unprovoked attacked outside a pub in Ammanford.

Watch the report from Mike Griffiths below:

Paul Pugh was 27 years old when he was beaten and kicked in the head on a night out in his home town of Ammanford.

Four men were later jailed for their involvement.

He was left in a coma for two months, and was in hospital for more than a year.

Paul has been through years of rehabilitation to learn how to speak and move again.

Paul has fought hard to recover from his injuries

On Tuesday, he met students at a college in Brecon. He's made a film to warn how drinking can lead to violence.

The film uses footage of the attack and interviews with Paul and his family, to show the consequences of violence.

Paul's campaign is urging people to pledge to walk away from violent situations

While Paul still hopes to recover further, he's devoting his life to getting his message across.