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What do you get if you cross a doughnut with a sausage? A 'dausage' made in Wales!

How do you like your sausages - jam filled? Photo:

Fancy a hot dausage? That's a cross between a doughnut and a sausage and they're coming to a food festival near you...

The idea for the dausage was dreamt up by Liam Bennett in his home in Darnant in the Amman Valley in west Wales.

Credit: Liam Bennett

Last year Liam ran a design-a-sausage competition on his Dausage Facebook page.

There was a lot of interest and over 50 entries, including pork with peanut butter and blackberry jam, lamb with apricot jam and chicken with lemon curd.

The eventual winner of the public vote, with hundreds of votes, was the Christmas Dausage, a pork sausage with mulled jam wrapped in bacon.

– Liam Bennet, dausage creator

Liam, 37, who is originally from Liverpool now holds "tasting sessions" at the home he shares with his wife Ruth who hails from Port Talbot and runs her own wedding and events cake business, Carys Cakes.

He says the dausages have gone down really well with the tasters and they are now planning to sell them at the Swansea Sausage and Cider Festival as well as other Welsh food festivals.

Credit: Liam Bennett

Liam has a background in sausages - he once ran a hot dog stand outside Wembley. But he has ambitions for his dausages - he's now looking for funding and investment to buy production equipment.

At the moment there isn't a machine that can produce a dausage - they're all handmade.