Belgium fans find themselves visiting the 'wrong Wales'

A map showing just how far off course the fans went. Credit: ITV Wales

A busload of Belgian football fans driving to Cardiff for tonight's game tapped 'Wales' into their sat-nav - only to be directed to a tiny village in Yorkshire.

The fans set off from near Brussels for the cross-continent trek to Cardiff but ended up 200 miles away in Wales, near Rotherham.

More than 12 fans set out in plenty of time to reach Wales for tonight's big game in the 2016 Uefa qualifiers.

And while the Welsh capital was full of Belgian fans, the busload found themselves facing another three-and-a-half hour journey back from south Yorkshire.

The sat-nav blunder was revealed after the supporters rang in to radio station Studio Brussels about their mistake.

The supporters explained they'd accidentally driven to" the wrong Wales" after failing to double-check the directions their sat-nav had come up with.

Having hoped to have been soaking up the colourful pre-match atmosphere with their fellow Belgians in Wales' capital city, they had instead ended up heading to the village and civil parish of Wales, Rotherham - which has a population of just 6,455.

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