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How's this for a school trip? Vale pupils return from a visit to NASA

Photo: Barry Island Primary

A group of children from schools across the Vale of Glamorgan have returned from an 'unforgettable' trip to NASA. They took part in junior astronaut training, learnt the physics behind a rocket launch to learn what it takes to become an astronaut or scientist.

The children enjoy a talk from one of the rocket scientists at NASA Credit: Barry Island

It was organised through ISSET, a company that specialises in inspirational and exciting space trips and workshops.

Pupils from Barry Island Primary School, St Joseph's, and Evenlode Primary School worked together to help the trip to the US take flight.

Throughout the visit they were able to visit behind the scenes at Nasa and SeaWorld. From visiting the famous Vehicle assembly building and launch pads at Cape Canaveral to shadowing the veterinary staff at SeaWorld to witness Xrays on an alligator and ultrasounds on pregnant dolphins.

Pupils meet the veterinary staff behind the scenes at SeaWorld and watch a baby alligator receiving an Xray Credit: Barry Island Primary School
Pupils from Barry Island Primary, Evenlode and St Joseph's have a Q&A with John McBride, an astronaut, outside the Space Shuttle Atlantis. Credit: Barry Island Primary School

"It was an excellent and unforgettable experience for children to further develop and extend STEM skills and understanding in addition to contributing to personal and social development. The trip inspired children to think about the world in a different context and their own future possibilities."

– Rebecca Cadman, Barry Island Acting Head Teacher
Children look on in awe at the Vehicle assembly building, the birth place of all major space expeditions. Credit: Barry Island Primary School

"The trip was a monumental effort from the staff involved and ISSET to make this trip a possibility for primary age children."

– Dominic Broad Acting Deputy Head Teacher, Barry Island Primary School

"The trip was an opportunity of a lifetime for the children and a monumental effort by the schools to provide a fantastic opportunity to our pupils."

– Richard Frost, School Teacher, St Josephs Primary School
The members of #Spacecamp15 eagerly await the start of the young astronaut training programme Credit: Barry Island Primary School

"This was a fantastic experience which the children and staff thoroughly enjoyed. It was great to work with other school and we hope the partnership will continue" Steve Rees, Head Teacher, Evenlode Primary School.

– Steve Rees, Head Teacher, Evenlode Primary School.