Zack Davies: Is the extreme right on the rise in Wales?

Zack Davies clearly had issues. Before he was even a teenager he'd been expelled from school after taking in a knife to attack a classmate.

Maybe that's what attracted him to extreme views and groups. After the attack on Dr Bhambra police found Nazi memorabilia, knives and right wing pamphlets in his flat. Also there was a banner from the group National Action. This is the man who called 'Jihadi John' an inspiration.

National Action logo

Davies said he supported the group although he acted alone in the attack. National Action has extreme views. Their website has pictures and quotes by Hitler. Their slogan is "join the white gang." They've filmed themselves attacking Jewish monuments. So is the far right on the rise? One expert says no.

Matthew Collins works to expose organisations like National Action. He knows how they think, as a teenager he was active in groups like it. In terms of numbers he says it's as low as it's been for 20 or 30 years.

The internet and social media has a role. Unlike the 1970s or 80s people with extreme views today can find like minded people online, but part of living in a free society is that we have the freedom to offend.

Extreme groups may have views abhorrent to most people but unless they break the law there's little the authorities can do. Professor Martin Innes, one of the world's leading experts on police and social control says it's a problem society must tackle.

Despite being small in numbers it doesn't mean the extreme right doesn't pose a threat . Gerry Gable the editor of the anti-fascist magazine 'Searchlight' says some organisations have paramilitary groups training in Wales.

Zack Davies with Swastika

It's reported that anti-terrorism groups are investigating National Action. They say they don't train people for war and don't encourage violence. They also say they're radical and not extreme.

However the judge doesn't view Zack Davies like that. He's described him as "an incredibly dangerous young man." The question is how many others like him are out there?

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