Exclusive: The Welsh couple who escaped Tunisian terror then got engaged

Shelley Hay and Ben Milton pictured in Tunisia before the attack. Credit: Shelley Hay

Shelley and Ben will always have mixed emotions about their Tunisian holiday. There was the terror attack and then they got engaged.

Shelley turned 25 on Friday. As the couple were celebrating on the beach, they heard something just metres away. "I thought it was fireworks", Shelley said. They quickly realised that it was a lot worse. Terrorists were firing at tourists and killing them.

As they ran to their hotel for safety, its gates began to close. They managed to get to their room and locked themselves in.

They were on an emergency flight home from Tunisia to Manchester Airport overnight, and arrived back home in Cardiff on Saturday lunchtime.

Ben had planned to propose to Shelley on her birthday. After the attack he almost changed his mind but said he went ahead as an act of defiance against terror.

As they ate in a restaurant, hours after the attack, he popped the question. He didn't want the terrorists to spoil a special moment.

The couple are now planning their wedding but do not plan to return to the region. In future they will holiday closer to home.

Shelley showed off her engagement ring to friends on Facebook. Credit: Shelley Hay

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