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Poll: Public doubt future standard of NHS care

Nearly four times of many people expect NHS care to get worse than those who expect an improvemnt Photo: ITV News Cymru Wales

An exclusive poll for ITV Cymru Wales has revealed how badly damaged confidence about the future of the Welsh NHS has become. People were asked if they thought the standard of NHS care in Wales will get better or worse over the next few years. The results were stark:

  • Get worse 47%
  • Stay the same 32%
  • Get better 12%
  • Don't know 10%

It seems that various high profile cases of poor care in Welsh hospitals mean that many people have lost hope that the Welsh Government and the health boards can turn things around. A parallel poll in England showed that people aren't especially optimistic about the NHS there either but at least most expected things to stay the same or -in a few cases- get better.

  • Get worse 37%
  • Stay the same 41%
  • Get better 13%
  • Don't know 8%

Despite the pessimism, underlying trust in the NHS remains strong, with 60% of people in Wales saying that they trusted the NHS to provide a high quality service. However, that figure was markedly higher in England, at 74%.