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Mid Wales home of the world's first mail order company up for sale

The Royal Welsh Warehouse in Newtown was built in 1879. Photo: Morris, Marshall and Poole Estate Agents

It's the home of the world's first mail order company, with links to Queen Victoria and Florence Nightingale, and now it could be yours.

The iconic Royal Welsh Warehouse in Newtown, Powys, is on the market for £750,000. It was built in 1879 by entrepreneur Sir Pryce Pryce-Jones, who established the world's first mail order company selling flannel-based products to customers all over the world, including royalty and diplomats. His business grew on the back of the growing railway network, which allowed him to provide same day deliveries to London, even in the late 19th century.

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The property has undergone a £1million refurbishment in recent times and now boasts 80,500 sq ft of retail space

The Royal Welsh Warehouse is a very well-known building in the area that can be seen for miles around with its signature ‘Pryce-Jones’ ironwork sign on the roof.

It’s opposite the town’s railway station, has a large car park and is easily accessible from the town centre and main roads. The significant internal and external refurbishment of the structure with its existing tenants and available retail space make it an ideal investment opportunity.

– Kathryn Davies, Morris, Marshall and Poole estate agents

Sir Pryce-Jones, who was knighted by Queen Victoria and later became an MP, built the Pryce-Jones business worldwide before it was sold in the 1930s to a company from Liverpool.