Snake caught making bid for freedom on telephone wire

Credit: North Wales Police

A snake was caught making a bid for freedom - across a telephone wire 20ft up in the air.

The boa constrictor's high-wire escape act was spotted over a quiet residential street in North Wales by worried neighbours.

Police say the snake escaped its tank - and managed to climb out of the upstairs window before slithering along the telephone wire at a property in Anglesey.

Sgt Taylor, from North Wales Police's rural crime unit, said the snake managed to make it across the wire to the opposite house and was halfway down the drainpipe before it was captured.

"The vast majority of people who own reptiles keep them in secure tanks - but for those who don't this is a timely reminder to do so," he said.

The boa constrictor - who has not been named - was returned safely to his owner with advice on keeping him secure.