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Young mother killed by carbon monoxide poisoning on first night in new home, inquest hears

Kimberley Jones was spending the first night in her new home. Photo: Family Photo

A young mother was killed by carbon monoxide poisoning on the first night in her new home - after leaving her baby with her parents, an inquest has heard.

Kimberley Jones, 25, moved in early to begin cleaning and decorating the house and nursery for her six-month-old son.

But she collapsed in the lounge after a faulty gas fire leaked the deadly gas into the semi-detached home.

The inquest heard she left her baby son with her parents on the same street in Cwmbach, near Aberdare, to spend the night in the new house.

Kimberley was being bought the house by her parents who lived in the same street. It was the first time she had stayed overnight in the new home - because the sale was due to be completed that day.

But when her mother went to the house the next morning she couldn't get a response and raised the alarm.

I looked through the window and I could see a female laying face down on the floor through the window.

– Paramedic Stephen Lloyd

Mr Lloyd told how he then he tried to kick the front door down before throwing a brick through the glass pane in the door to gain entry in August 2013.

He added: "There was a strong smell of coal fire and she felt cold. I noticed reddening of her face and arm."

The inquest heard martial arts instructor Kimberley had lit the gas fire in her new lounge - without realising a fatal blockage in the airway was filling the room with the odourless and colourless toxic fumes.

Howard Reed, a carbon monoxide investigator with South Wales Police, said he believed the airways had not been cleaned doe "probably four or five years".

He said the amount of carbon monoxide in the air was 16 times above the acceptable limit.

He said: "This plate hadn't been cleaned for some time. It took me about 30 minutes to remove the throat plate when it should normally take 30 seconds."

The inquest in Aberdare continues.