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Calls to do more to improve safety on Welsh farms

33 agricultural workers died during in 2014/15 Photo: PA

There are calls to do more to improve safety on Welsh farms.

It comes as figures reveal agriculture is the riskiest industry in terms of fatal injuries.

1 in 100 workers are employed in agriculture, but it accounts for 1 in 5 fatal injuries.

The agricultural sector accounts for one in five fatal injuries of workers Credit: PA

Data from Health and Safety Executive shows that there were 33 fatal injuries to agricultural workers in 2014/15, which is up from 27 fatalities on the previous year.

In comparison, a freedom of information request to the Ministry of Defence showed 14 soldiers died during training exercises in the last five years.

Farmers and the Wales Farm Safety Partnership are now trying to educate workers on how to plan agricultural work and to be aware of defective equipment before they use it.

While our farmers are among the best in the world, farming continues to have one of the poorest records of any occupation in the UK and Ireland and while all farm accidents are shocking and dreadfully sad, the saddest thing is that they can often be prevented.

Often people about to undertake a job believe it will 'only take a few minutes', and take a risk in the hope that simply being very careful will be enough.

– Iwan Meirion, member of the Wales Farm Safety Partnership

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