'Wash and Crow' - how to give a chicken the perfect makeover!

Teenager Callum Griffiths from Clydach near Pontypridd knows a thing or two about showing poultry. Since the age of fourteen he's been exhibiting at the Royal Welsh Show and winning rosettes!

Apparently there's nothing a chicken likes more than a shampoo and blow dry and Callum knows all the tricks of the trade. He uses special shampoo and makes sure the bird has a thorough rinse before plumping those plumes with a blow dry. Even the feet get a polish with some special oil before they are ready to face the judges.

This chicken is being given a PET-icure.

Callum and his birds picked up a red first prize rosette! Certainly something to crow about.

And why does Callum do it? BEAK-cause she's worth it!