Campaigner arrested in 'bedroom tax' eviction protest

Protestors from Cardiff Against the Cuts gathers outside the house in Fairwater this morning. Credit: ITV News/James Crichton-Smith

Campaigners against the so-called 'bedroom tax' held a protest outside the house of a Cardiff mum who is facing eviction this morning.

Mandy Williams who has a 17-year-old daughter has lost an appeal against an eviction notice issued against her for being in arrears for the so-called 'bedroom tax.'

Members of the Cardiff Against the Cuts group say the 42-year-old former cleaner lost her mother before Christmas and subsequently was unable to work due to mental health issues. Cardiff Council sent her a bill for an empty bedroom.

Protestors gathered outside Ms Williams's house in Fairwater this morning while she attended an appeal hearing at Cardiff Civil Justice Centre. One was arrested for obstructing bailiffs.

Cardiff Council said while it is not able to discuss individual circumstances, cases are often more complicated than they appear.