Award-winning young filmmaker appeals for help tracking down 'irreplaceable' footage of her little sister

Agi makes films about her little sister Magdalena Credit: Family photo

A young film-maker has been left devastated after large amounts of equipment and recordings were stolen from the family's car while they went swimming.

Agnieszka Kolaczynska, 13, has just won the under-17 production award at the International Youth Arts Festival with her film about her nine-year-old sister Magdalena, who has Down's Syndrome. She says the equipment can be replaced but the recordings are irreplaceable - and is appealing for help tracking it down.

Agi paid for her own camera equipment through years of dog walking and other jobs Credit: Family photo

The teenager from Llanidloes, Powys, known as Agi K, says it took years to save up to buy all the camera equipment she needed to make films about her little sister and other subjects.

Here is a clip from Agi's award-winning film, My Little Sister (who happens to have Down's syndrome):

The footage is of me and my little sister. I make yearly documentaries about our life together. I had saved for years to get the equipment. If anyone is reading this who took the the memory cards and hardrive or finds them, please drop them in at a shop or leave them somewhere where we can get them back. They are my work and I can't get that footage back.

Agi K

The family's car was broken into on Sunday 19th July while they were swimming on their way home from the festival. They were parked at New Chiswick Pool, West London.

Anyone with information should contact Hounslow Police on 101, quoting crime number 0514642-15 and can contact Agi through her Facebook page or personal website.