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West Wales 'killer whale sighting' being investigated

Sea Watch Foundation is investigating a potential killer whale sighting off Ceredigion (file photo). Photo: John Irvine/ Sea Watch Foundation

A marine organisation says it is investigating a possible sighting of a killer whale off Ceredigion.

The killer whale - also known as the orca whale - has reportedly been seen around Cardigan Bay, though Sea Watch Foundation says the sighting is currently unconfirmed.

Another marine organisation, Sea Trust, also said it had been alerted to three separate sightings of a killer whale in the area.

In a Facebook post, Sea Trust wrote: "Just had a report in of three separate sightings of orca in Cardigan Bay. Apparently from reliable sources, an individual male animal has been seen around the Mwnt area from both the shore and out further to sea."

Wild killer whales are not considered a direct threat to humans (file photo). Credit: John Irvine/ Sea Watch Foundation

Previously there have been sightings of a male killer whale - named 'John Coe' - who is something of a regular visitor to the Pembrokeshire coast, often travelling with a pod of females.

Despite their name, wild killer whales are not considered a threat to humans.

People from around the UK have been sharing their sightings as part of National Whale and Dolphin Watch, with sightings including killer whales, minke whales and various species of dolphin.

You can see specific sightings in your area by visiting Sea Watch Foundation's website.