Carwyn Jones visits 'Trampire' puppets at new Bridgend animation studio

One of 500 puppets being filmed in Bridgend Credit: ITV Wales

The First Minister visited a new animation studio in Bridgend where a 90 minute feature film will take three years to complete.

Filming started in the last few weeks after seven months of building sets and workshops.

Animortal Studios are creating 'Chuck Steel: Night of the Trampires', the prequel to which has won awards at film festivals worldwide, acquiring protagonist Chuck Steel a cult status.

500 puppets have been created

The Welsh Government helped with the funding to ensure almost all of the budget will stay in Wales and secure highly skilled Welsh workers.

Carwyn Jones received a special gift during his visit. A puppet of himself!

Watch the full report below:

And here is the moment I asked a cheeky question...

Earlier this year the producers of the new Bond movie were told they could not film in the Senedd. So would puppets be allowed?